Open letter to Foodora 23.10.2018

Dear Foodora Management,

We are writing to let you know that we are disappointed we have not received a response to the 5 demands we issued in our previous correspondence on 6th September 2018 and are now considering how to move forward with our campaign. As campaign members, we feel the need to move the struggle to the next level and will call for a boycott of the company from 5th November 2018 onwards.

A number of newspaper articles and publications in favour of the campaign are due for release in the coming weeks and we are gathering a significant audience for our materials. We believe the boycott will gain public support and have an adverse effect on the company’s trading. Furthermore, we would like to inform yourselves that we are in close collaboration with PAM union. We have held meetings with PAM representatives and their legal team to discuss all possible forms of action we can collectively take against the company for its treatment of ‘freelancer’ workers. SAK representatives are also concerned about the working conditions of ‘freelance’ employees at Foodora Finland Oy and their lawyers have publicly commented that new legislation should be introduced to protect workers from ‘false freelancer’ contracts.

We again send our request for a face-to-face meeting with representatives of the company to discuss our concerns. A number of current Foodora employees are actively involved in the campaign and can represent the organisation alongside an independent negotiator. We believe that successful negotiations between workers and the company will lead to improvements for all parties and ensure a successful future for the company in Finland. We strongly contend that a better cared for workforce will provide a more motivated and efficient service for the company.

As winter fast approaches couriers are still left out on the streets with a cut to their pay, no communal space, no accident insurance and rapidly deteriorating weather conditions, we are genuinely concerned about the welfare of these couriers.

Our goal is to enter in to discussions about working conditions with yourselves and, as you have been unresponsive to our previous emails, we feel we need to bring our campaign to the next level.

Yours Sincerely,
Foodora Vastuuseen

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