This is a campaign by couriers to improve the working conditions of couriers and drivers working for platform companies in Finland. We welcome all couriers, drivers and those willing to help to join our campaign.

In September 2018 couriers working at Foodora started this campaign with Vapaa Syndikaatti and Vastavoima members to improve working conditions after Foodora had unilaterally cut the pay of the already precarious couriers. Since then, also Wolt couriers joined the campaign, because also Wolt had issued pay cuts, and couriers in both companies lack security and basic worker rights.

Both Foodora and Wolt circumvent employer responsibilities with freelancer contracts under which couriers and car drivers lack all basic employment rights, such as the possibility for sick pay or pensions. The couriers now pay themselves for the maintenance of their vehicles, fuel, equipment and possible insurances. Couriers and car drivers work in traffic and they need insurances and sick pay. Both Foodora and Wolt need to provide these for the couriers and recognize them as employees.

We ask both companies to start negotiations with their couriers to improve the working conditions.

We do not want either of the company to fail, but we want justice for couriers!