The corona crisis and couriers’ rights

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With the corona crisis, even Foodora has for once agreed to pay compensation for work gear to its couriers, so that they acquire hygiene products to protect themselves and customers. It is of course a different thing whether at this stage the is any desinfectant to be found and whether the 12€ is enough as prices of the said products goes up. Ang naturally the receipt hassle is left for the couriers to sort out.

The approach by the competitor Wolt is better, in as much one of the company representatives has publicly announced that the company thinks about procuring 20 000 bottles of hand sanitizer for its couriers. From today company also provides financial assistance to the couriers who are diagnosed with Covid-19.

These are good initiatives, but we also remind that sick leaves, insurances and work safety issues along with protective gear are best solved when couriers are employed. The employment legislation sets these things. The current crisis has shown how dependent our society is of people in low-paid jobs, who do critically important work to overcome the crisis.

Many news outlets have pointed out that the demand for home delivery services has risen with quarantines and people staying at home. Couriers are doing important work in a difficult situation, as they make sure that also people under seclusion get their food. Because of this, they should have employment contracts and the safety associated with it, not just during the corona epidemic, but during other cases of illness or accidents. #justice4couriers

Solidarity for Nepalese cooks!

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We want to show solidarity to the Nepali cooks working under exceptionally bad and exploitative conditions in Nepalese restaurants in Finland.

The lack of worker rights and fear of losing residency permits affects also many food couriers, even though they are not victims of human trafficking, blackmailing and forced indeptedness like the cooks.

We are worried that many of the restaurants mentioned in the article are familiar to us food couriers as restaurants working with Foodora and Wolt. Ordering food from these restaurants is unethical, because both the working conditions of food delivery services and especially the restaurants face heavy criticism. Solidarity forever!

#justice4couriers #solidarityforever