We Foodora and Wolt couriers demand:

  1. Repeal the pay cuts 
    Both Foodora and Wolt have unilaterally cut the pay of their couriers. Wolt did this earlier and Foodora issued pay cuts in the summer of 2018. The companies can cut the couriers pay at will, because the couriers are classed as freelancers and do not have employee protections.
  2. Transparent shift allocation
    In both companies shifts are made available for couriers in a non-transparent way. The algorithms used by the companies class couriers according to their performance into groups to whom shifts are made available at different times. The couriers do not know exactly how their performance is measured.
  3. Break spaces for couriers and drivers
    Both drivers and bicycle couriers need a space where they can wait for orders, use the toilet, store their belongings during their shifts and eat. This is especially important for bicycle couriers who work year-round outside in any kind of weather, which in Finland can be very difficult during the winter. Foodora had break spaces for couriers, but shut them in 2017. After prolonged pressuring by our campaign, Foodora opened the break spaces again, but only in Helsinki. Wolt has never had break spaces for couriers.
  4. Equipment compensations and insurances against illness and accidents
    Bicycle couriers and drivers pay their working equipment, phone bills and the maintenance of their bikes and cars themselves. Especially for car drivers the fuel costs are a significant expenditure. Both companies need to pay fuel and equipment compensations to their couriers. As freelancers, the couriers are not entitled to sick pay and they have no insurances. Working in traffic, especially for bike couriers, is dangerous and also physically taxing. The couriers absolutely need security for the inevitable accidents and illnesses.
  5. The possibility for an employment contract
    Most of the problems in the couriers’ working conditions would be solved by recognizing them as employees, which they factually are. We demand that both companies give their couriers the possibility to sign an employment contract if they so choose. Foodora offered this possibility in the past. Flexibility for both parties can be achieved also within the terms of employment contracts, such as with 0 hours contracts.