On this page we have collected links to supporting organizations as well as courier unions, collectives and campaigns in Finland and internationally.

AppSindical (Argentina)

BIKE: Berufs-Initiative der Kurier*innen und Essenzusteller*innen (Austria)

Bristol Courier Network (United Kingdom)

Collectif des Livreurs Autonomes de Paris (France)

La Collectif #PETT (France)

Couriers Network Cymru (Wales)

Couriers Network Scotland (Scotland)

Deliveroo Strike Riders (Italy)

DeliverUnion FAU (Germany)

Foodsters United (Canada)

Finnish Courier Collective (Finland)

IWW Couriers Network (United Kingdom)

IWGB Couriers and Logistics Branch (United Kingdom)

Liefern am Limit (Germany)

La Pájara Ciclomenseríja (Spain)

Riders Union (Netherlands)

Riders Union Bologna (Italy)

Riders X Derechos (Barcelona)

Riders X Derechos VLC (Valencia, Spain)

Riders X Derechos MAD (Madrid, Spain)

Sección Sindical Deliveroo (Madrid, Spain)

Syndicat CGT des coursiers à vélo de la Gironde (France)

Vapaa syndikaatti (Finland)

Vastavoima (Finland)