The campaign begins: Foodora take responsibility! Justice for couriers!

Foodora couriers and drivers in cooperation with Vapaa syndikaatti and Vastavoima launch a campaign to repeal recent pay cuts and improve working conditions at Foodora in Finland. Our demands are as follows:

1) Repeal the recent pay cuts
2) Fair and transparent shift allocation and possibility for guaranteed hours
3) Reinstate the rider space for couriers and drivers
4) Equipment compensation and insurance against accidents and illness
5) Possibility for an employment contract

We formally start the campaign today on Thursday September 6 by handing our demands in person to Foodora at the Foodora HQ in Helsinki (Kaivokatu 10) at 14:00. During the hand-over we will organize a small demonstration in front of Foodora’s office, read out our demands and courier experiences.

We welcome the press, potential allies and anyone interested to participate or contact us by email at

The press releases of the campaign can be found here. If you want to interview couriers, please contact us via email.

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