Foodora courier tells why he supports the campaign

“As a former ’Freelancer’ and current ‘Rider Captain’ employee at Foodora Finland, I want to give my full support to this campaign which seeks to repeal the recent pay cuts and improve precarious working conditions for freelance ‘delivery partners’ at the company with a set of 5 demands.

During the 15 months I have worked for the company I have seen a consistent decline in the rights and responsibilities afforded to its workers, the majority of whom are of immigrant background. In the past year, this has included the removal of a social space, taking away parking provisions and fuel subsidies for car drivers and, most recently, a deduction in the hourly pay given to its ‘delivery partners’.

In Finland, the majority of the Freelance workers are immigrants, who face substantial entry barriers when seeking employment opportunities. Many rely on the income they make from Foodora in order to survive and provide for their families. The recent changes to working conditions and pay cuts are adversely affecting this vulnerable social group.

The way Foodora treats its workforce is not unique, but closely resembles the business strategy of other food delivery firms in the international gig economy, whereby Freelancers are not considered as employees, despite working conditions which closely resemble that of employment. While this issue is not new in the global context, it is a theme which has not been fully scrutinized in the Finnish setting.

Today workers, academics, cyclists, drivers and concerned citizens are coming together to voice their frustration at developments in the company. There is a responsibility to act to protect a particularly vulnerable section of the Finnish labour market from worsening conditions and ensure that companies treat their staff in adherence of ethics and national laws.

For these reasons, I want to proclaim my public support to the campaign and wish them success in achieving their 5 demands.”

Marcus Nicolson, Foodora Rider and PhD Student

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