Bread & Roses

The campaign by Foodora couriers moves now to its second phase and approaches restaurants with bread and roses.

The Foodora couriers started a campaign on September 6th in cooperation with Vapaa Syndikaatti and Vastavoima to demand the repeal of the recent pay cuts and improvements in the working conditions of couriers. The vast majority of Foodora’s couriers work under ‘freelance agreements’, where they do not have normal employment rights, such as sick leave or insurances. In July, the couriers’ hourly pay was cut and now drivers do not get parking allowance or fuel subsidies. The couriers ask for fair pay and decent working conditions. We want bread, but roses too.

Because Foodora has not addressed the demands of the couriers, the second phase of the campaign begins on October 13. On that day we organize an event where couriers deliver bread and roses to restaurants and asks them to support the couriers struggle for better working conditions. The Foodora couriers believe that couriers and restaurants have, as service sector workers, much in common and shared interests. We want to deliver food from restaurants to clients’ homes under fair working conditions!

We approach restaurants as friends and ask them to publicly support couriers or to approach Foodora directly in support of couriers. As food couriers, we want to give the restaurants bread, because we know how important food is. And we want to give roses, because we know that mere bread is not enough, but workers need appreciation as well.

Our days shall not be sweated from birth until life closes,
Hearts starve as well as bodies, Give us bread, but gives us roses

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