Platform companies lose court cases

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Foodora is looking for new couriers and in its ad it mentions the “flexible freelance agreement” as one of the work’s benefits. A freelance agreement is however only a benefit for Foodora, not for the couriers. The freelance status excludes the couriers from all basic worker rights: the couriers pay their own pensions, have no insurance, no sick pay and their pay can be cut or they can be fired at any time without any reason.

Both Foodora and Wolt offer only freelance contracts to their couriers. This is a common practice internationally too, also Deliveroo, Glovo and UberEATS circumvent worker rights with freelance contracts.

The couriers are however struggling for their rights and have recently gained notable victories: in Turin the court ruled that Foodora had wrongly classed five couriers as freelancers. An even greater victory was gained in the Netherlands where the court decided that all Deliveroo freelance couriers are in fact employees and Deliveroo must adhere to the collective agreement of the transport and logistics sector.

We call for Wolt and Foodora to negotiate with its couriers, because the time of denying workers their rights is over.

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