We won break spaces for Foodora couriers

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Today we have achieved our first immediate aim as Foodora announced that it will provide break spaces to its couriers. Couriers need brake spaces, especially in countries like Finland, where the weather conditions can be tough.

Foodora Finland shutdown courier break spaces in Helsinki the late autumn of 2017 and in Tampere a year later, just before winter. Back then, couriers protested this measure and tried to address it internally by telling the Foodora management, that couriers absolutely need break space, but to no avail. When we started our campaign a year later, we demanded that Foodora reinstates the break spaces, and now finally, during the second winter with no place to change, eat or go to the toilet, Foodora gave in to our demand. We are confident that getting back the break spaces was a result of courier campaigning.

We are very pleased that Foodora has taken this step toward its couriers in Helsinki. We hope that Foodora will provide break spaces to couriers in other cities as well and that other crucial issues, such as the lack of insurances, sick pay and employment rights, will be addressed as well. We hope that Foodora will start negotiations with its couriers to improve working conditions at the company. We also want to remind that Wolt, the other platform courier company, has never had a break space for its couriers, who need one as well. In this matter, Wolt should follow the example of Foodora.

This victory also shows that couriers, who on their own are in a precarious position, are strong when they come together and organize!

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