No More Courier Deaths!

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We are Jorge. We are Julien. We are Pablo. We are Maurizio. We are José. We are Alberta. We are Luis. We are Franck. We are Kuan. We are Su. We are Ramiro. We are Artyk. We are Pujan. We are Burgao. We are Karim.

Only during the last year, at least 12 food couriers have died at work. These are only the deaths that have come to our attention. When we mapped work related accidents among the Transnational Federation of Couriers, we also noted a number of permanent injuries, such as loss of limbs or eyes.

These are not merely traffic accidents, sudden illnesses or acts of violence, but work-related incidents, which are a result of the poor and piecemeal pay, which forces couriers to ride longer, faster and harder. They are a result of the lack of sick leave and insurances and the fact that couriers cannot afford to lose their means of work, for which they themselves pay. When a courier gets injured or killed at work, the companies do not have to take any responsibility. The courier pays for possible medical and repair expenses and loses their income from the time they are incapacitated, if they are lucky enough not to lose their lives.

We couriers do not accept that we do the hardest and most dangerous work with the poorest pay, yet are the only ones in these companies without even employment contracts. We mourn our killed colleaugues and comrades, but we als organize and work together from Finland to Chile and from Toronto to Hong Kong, because solidarity knows no borders.

No more courier deaths! Precarity kills! Justice for couriers!

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