Full support to LGBTQIA couriers, no to pinkwashing!

suomeksi / Facebook

As the Pride week is in full swing, people and groups across the board fly the rainbow flag in support of LGBTQIA rights. That is good and we too want to show our support for minorities. However, also platform companies, such as Foodora, Deliveroo and UberEATS proclaim to support Pride with their logos overlaid with the rainbow flag.

These companies circumvent labour legislation by keeping their couriers as freelancers and exclude them from worker protections, such as sick leave, pensions and insurances and cut the pay of the couriers at will. Before the companies stop exploiting their workers and start treating them fairly, their support of Pride amounts to cheap pinkwashing. Workers’ rights are human rights as well as are LGBTQIA rights.

We want to remember Pride as a political demonstration for LGBTQIA rights, not as a marketing gimmick. On Pride week, we want to show our appreciation for our gay, queer, transgender and non-binary colleagues and state that we keep on struggling for all couriers regardless of background now and in the future.

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