Pizza restaurants exploited by platform companies

suomeksi / Facebook

Yet another sad example of how in the platform economy—as it is organized now—only the owners win.

Currently, the Finnish food delivery business is a duopoly controlled by Delivery Hero (Pizza-online and Foodora).

For small restaurant entrepreneurs takeaway and home delivieries are in practice only possible through these companies, because the traditional form of ringing the restaurant and ordering is overtaken by easier and more convenient mobile apps. The two market leaders can quite freely determine the prices that the restaurant entrepreneurs can either pay or be totally excluded from the home delivery business that is now run through apps.

When the same time, Foodora and Wolt keep their couriers as sham entrepreneurs and thus outside of normal labour rights, we can legitimately ask if in the restaurant+couriers+paltform company equation are any other winners than the platform company.

In a fair situation all three would win. Because of this we give our full support to the struggle of pizzeria entrepreneurs!

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