Foodora and Wolt don’t pay for their couriers’ parking space

HS published an article on July 30th about food couriers driving on Iso Roobertinkatu, that is meant to be a pedestrian street.

The food courier companies Foodora and Wolt deliver their customers food from restaurants in the city center, but don’t pay their couriers’ parking tickets that they would need for paid parking space. This is how companies practically force their couriers to perform parking violations in the city centre. This is one factor in problems in Iso Roobertinkatu.

So Foodora and Wolt are a part of the parking problem. But instead of fixing its own policy, Wolt is trying to put the blame on its couriers in HS article. The company also asks for the town of Helsinki to offer them free parking space. The company doesn’t want to even pay for its own couriers’ parking space, but once again asks for economic support from the taxpayers.

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