Foodora bike couriers go on strike in Norway

In Norway 102 Foodora couriers organized with the Norwegian Transport Union (NTF) will go on strike on Tuesday 21.8. after negotiations over a collective agreement with Foodora failed.

Jørn Eggum, a represetative of NTF said that a collective agreement guarantees pay and rights of employees and when an employer refuses it, industrial action is necessary. In a comment to the news site NRK, Eggum said that he was surprised and disappointed over the failed agreement, because negotiations had been conducted in good spirit.

We Wolt and Foodora couriers support the strike by our Norwegian colleagues and hope that they will get the collective agreement.

We want to point out that all Foodora couriers in Norway are employees and the company is the market leader there. This shows that there is no reason why Wolt and Foodora couriers in Finland could not be employed and still work flexibly. As we have said in the past, the companies only want freelancer agreements, because they use them to circumvent employer responsibilities and to shift risk and costs to the couriers

We couriers demand that the companies which treat us as employees also grant us employee rights!

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